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  • The best is good enough. SILTEX develop solutions with you, for you.
  • Lighter, faster and more stable will be the new model? The company SILTEX has the components of the future. We help you to realize your ideas.
  • Bicycle gear, helmets, skis, paddle, roll cages, masts … from 0.5 mm to 1000 mm diameter, we do our best to make your ideas into reality.
  • On standard parts in the high-end or custom solutions for the racing … if you can dream it, we can braid it.
  • You are looking for mechanical, thermal or electrical protective tubing? With over 55 years of market experience SILTEX also protects your application. For sure!
  • For more than 56 years Siltex stands for outstanding technical achievements, innovation, reliability, quality and internationalism.
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an expanding, global company in Lower Bavaria, right at the Austrian border. We deal with braiding and insulating sleeves for thermal and electrical insulation as well as for the areas of plastics reinforcement and lightweight for over half a century.

When German SMEs we are regionally connected and on the go on the international stage. In SILTEX values are still alive, but does not insist on old. On the contrary: We are open to new things and have fun with creative ideas. Thanks to this curiosity, combined with technical excellence and high flexibility, we include in each of our business to the technological leaders.

Key advantages over tissue or wrapping technique:

  • homogeneous fiber symmetry through the entire component 
  • no strong directional changes 
  • endlessly processed fibers continuously over the length of the component 
  • symmetric fiber layer 
  • natural cohesion of the fibers, thereby resulting in a good handling 
  • the braid is nestled literally the contour or the workpiece at 
  • no folds or overlaps, thereby efficient lightweight possible 
  • Material, cost and time savings 
  • Integration of fibers in the 0 ° direction possible (SILTRIAX) - increase the mechanical strength of linear components

The above comparison shows a comparison of different materials such as aramid, basalt, carbon, ...

These are made ​​available to order from yarn manufacturers averages - SILTEX assumes no responsibility for accuracy of these data.

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