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Glass Fibre Cord

Glasseidenkordel 1100px

The glass fibre cords are used as corner reinforcement in composites. They are also used as seals. E-glass fibre is the most common reinforcement material for fibre composites; glass fibres are inexpensive and have excellent mechanical, thermal, dielectric and chemical properties. The strength properties are similar to those of metals (e.g. aluminium alloys), although the specific weight is lower than that of metals. Glass fibres are non-combustible, temperature-resistant up to approx. 700 °C and resistant to most chemicals and weather influences. The price of glass fibres is low compared to other reinforcing fibres.

On request we can offer you all other dimensions between 0.1mm and 500mm.
The articles listed here are only examples of some dimensions.

Article number     Diameter            Weight KG/100m
2608                       3                           0,67
3338                       5                           1,82
3993                       8                           6,1
4392                       10                         8,72

Article number Diameter Weight KG/100m
2608 3 0,67
3338 5 1,82
3993 8 6,1
4392 10 8,72

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