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Certified to comply with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The company was founded in 1956 by Sebastian Reichstaller. SILTEX at that time manufactured mainly insulation sleeving, tapes and fabrics for electric motor and electric machine construction.

The name of the company was formed by combining the two syllables SIL (for silicone) and TEX (for textile). In the early 1970s, the company set out to establish a braiding shop of its own to manufacture the braided sleeving that was needed for production of insulation sleeving. SILTEX then was among the first to start braiding of glass-fibre yarns and glass-fibre threads. They yielded enhanced working properties and thermal stability compared with the previously used cotton and viscose yarns. The decisive move towards plastics reinforcement was made in 1973, with the company participating in the development of the first plastic tennis racket made in Germany.

This technology has since been successfully adopted also in ski manufacture so that SILTEX has become an important partner of the majority of European sports equipment manufacturers. Innovative company-designed products, customised articles, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, decades of know-how and experience, qualified and highly motivated personnel, and customer-oriented service are the basis of healthy and continuous growth. 1983 saw a change in legal form (conversion to GmbH & Co KG) with Mr. Walter Holzmüller, who had been employed with the company since 1965, becoming managing director.

Mr. Holzmüller took over all shares in 1994 and since then is sole owner. Mr. Holzmüller has been invited to join the relevant German DIN standardization committee and has been a member of the AVK and SAMPE associations for years. To consolidate the success achieved and as a logical consequence of the continuous quality policy, the company underwent certification and in 1999 was certified to comply with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The year 1999 also saw the construction of another production hall which was further enlarged in 2004.

Once the machinery has been growing over the years, the space available remained unchanged, in 2000 a new 1,800 m2 building for the expansion of production was established. SILTEX working with modified machines that led over the decades into an innovative edge in the braiding. These machines can be either woven belts (up to 600 mm width) and tubes (up to 500 mm diameter). Back in 2006, had grown another 2,000 m2 to meet the requirements of the market. Other minor actions followed.

In October 2008, Mr. Holzmüller died after a long illness. Mrs. Holzmüller took over the company and, after about a year Dipl.-Ing. Kleine undertake as general manager for the company SILTEX, who lead the business now.