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Aramid Tape

Aramid Tape

Aramid braid tapes can be used as edge protection, as a connection between two components (e.g. upper and lower part of a canoe), as corner reinforcement, etc. These tapes are also suitable for engine and aggregate construction.

The advantage of aramid tapes over woven aramid tapes is that they cover a larger width. Thus, in the case of a braided tape, stretching or compressing not only influences the width but also the fibre angle. In this way, only one aramid tape can be used for a composite component with several layers. The fiber angle should be between 30° and 60°. So-called UD threads can be used for reinforcement in the 0° direction.

On request we can offer you all other dimensions between 0.1mm and 500mm.
The articles listed here are only examples of some dimensions.

Article number     Width        Thickness      Weight KG/100m      Weight KG/m²
1602                       10               0,6                  0,45                            0,29 
2241                       20               0,4                  0,62                            0,23 
2735                       30               0,52                0,95                            0,31

Article number Width Thickness Weight KG/100m Weight KG/m²
1602 10 0,6 0,45 0,29
2241 20 0,4 0,62 0,23
2735 30 0,52 0,95 0,31
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