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High Temperatur Fiberglass Sleeve

High Temperatur Glass Fiber Sleeve

High Temperatur Glass Fiber Tape

Hight Temperatur Glass Fiber Tape

High Temperatur Glass Fiber Cord

Hight Temperatur Glass Fibre Cord

High Temperature Glass Fiber

E-glass fiber is the most common reinforcing material for fiber composites; glass fibers are inexpensive and have excellent mechanical, thermal, dielectric and chemical properties. The strength properties are equivalent to those of metals (e.g. aluminum alloys), with a specific gravity lower than that of metals. Glass fibers are incombustible, temperature resistant up to approx. 700 °C and resistant to most chemicals and weather conditions. The price of glass fibers is low compared to other reinforcing fibers.

General properties of high temperature glass fiber:

- high surface weight ratio
- weight ratio amorphous structures possible same properties in longitudinal and transverse fiber direction
- unlike carbon fiber, glass can be subjected to more elongation before it breaks
- dimensionally stable material
- no elongation or shrinkage after exposure to extremely high or low temperatures after stresses near the breaking point
- low moisture absorption and water resistant
- no physical or chemical change upon contact with water
- design flexibility due to low price
- not flammable or oxidizing

- continuous load up to 1200 °C
- no or only slight reaction to most chemicals
- no mold growth, does not rot or decay
- resistant to hydrofluoric acid, hot phosphoric acid and strong alkalis
- excellent material for electrical insulation
- low coefficient of thermal expansion
- good thermal insulation
- high thermal conductivity
- no contact corrosion due to electrochemical effects