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Aramid Sleeve

Aramid Sleeve

Aramid Tape

Aramid Tape

Aramidk Cord

Aramid Cord


The fibres are distinguished by their high stability, high impact strength, high breaking elongation, good vibration damping properties and resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions and is therefore heat- and fire resistant. Aramid fibres don’t melt at elevated temperatures, but begin to carbonize at the temperature of 400° C. This material in form of tapes, cords or sleeves can be used when highest demands and security are required.

General Characteristics Aramid:

- low weight
- very high tensile strength
- excellent impact resistance to repeated loading
- good fatigue resistance
- good vibration damping properties
- Resistance to crack propagation
- low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage

- the most important characteristics at room temperature are substantially maintained, even if the material temperatures from – 70 ° C to + 180 ° C for
- flame-resistant, self-extinguishing, does not melt
- low smoke
- excellent chemical resistance to most fuels – lubricants, detergents and salt water
- corrosion-resistant
- excellent electrical properties, very low conductivity and low dielectric constantsuitable to tissues for conventional textile processing

Please note for aramids: For cutting to length, you need special scissors with micro serration (preferably on both sides).