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Glass Fiber Tape

Glassfiber Tape

Fiberglass tapes are suitable for the production of profiles of any kind, as spar or other hollow constructions, whereby with a suitable application process it is guaranteed that the force-absorbing reinforcing fibre of the braided hose lies free of air bubbles, all over and seamless - thus without loss of strength - also around the edge of the forming core and is sufficiently impregnated with the resin system used. A 45° angle is optimal for high torsional or shear strength. The diameter of the glass fibre tape can be changed by stretching or compressing, but the fibre angle should ideally be between 30° and 60°. Reinforcement in the 0° direction can be achieved with so-called UD threads, which are braided in. Another material can be used for this purpose.

On request we can offer you all other dimensions between 0.1mm and 500mm.
The articles listed here are only examples of some dimensions.

Article number     Width         Thickness          Weight KG/100m       Weight KG/m²
1621                       10               0,27                    0,28                               0,24 
2235                       20               0,40                    0,94                               0,32 
2729                       30               0,56                    1,92                               0,51

Article number Width Thickness Weight KG/100m Weight KG/m²
1621 10 0,27 0,28 0,24
2235 20 0,4 0,94 0,32
2729 30 0,56 1,92 0,51
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