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Flax Tape

Flax Tape

The advantage of flax braided tapes compared to a woven material is the coverage of a larger width range. With a braided flax tape, for example, it is possible to influence not only the bandwidth but also the fibre angle by stretching or compressing. In this way, it is quite possible to use only one flax braided tape for a composite component with several layers. The fibre angle should be between 30° and 60°. For reinforcement in the 0° direction, so-called UD threads can be braided in, which can also be made of a different material. The flax fibres we use are particularly suitable for processing with epoxy and polyester systems.

They are 100% recyclable, similarly tear-resistant as glass braided tapes and also lighter.

We are happy to offer you all other dimensions between 0.1mm and 500mm on request.
The articles listed here only serve as an example of some dimensions.

Article number     Width         Thickness          Weight KG/100m        Weight KG/m²
7457                       30               0,74                    0,94                               0,26 
7887                       70               0,88                    4,30                               0,23 

Article number Width Thickness Weight KG/100m Weight KG/m²
7457 30 0,74 0,94 0,26
7887 70 0,88 4,30 0,26
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