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Basalt is a dark grey to black, closely centralgranular, volcanic petro. The Basalt fibre is a 100% inorganic, mineral, continuous filament, which were released first in 1995 for the civilian use. The size of the diameter of 11.0 ┬Ám guarantees the best compromise in stability, durability and costs. Moreover the fibre has a natural gold-brown colour, which can be used well for decorative purposes. Basalt can be used both for electrotechnical applications and fire protection in the production of cars, airplanes, ships and household appliances. Basalt combines can be used for the transport of corrosive liquids, whereby the same plants as for fibre glass tubes can be used for it.

General Characteristics Basalt:

- low moisture content (10 times lower than in glass fibers)
- high resistance to aggressive media
- good adhesion to epoxy bonding agents
- non inflammable raw material
- acid-and alkali-resistant
- excellent mechanical strength

- excellent chemical resistance
- stability of the dielectric and mechanical characteristics with durable enterprise under inconsistant conditions
- better composite properties to E-glass
- economic as a high-performance fibers such as S-, R-glass or carbon
- as non-toxic and not carcinogenic, because 100% natural