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High Temperatur Glass Fiber Cord

High Temp Fiberglass Cord

High temperature glass fiber cords are used as corner reinforcements in composites or as arc protection in the high-voltage range. High-temperature glass fibre cords are also used as seals in ovens. They have exceptional mechanical, thermal, dielectric and chemical properties. The strength properties correspond to those of metals (e.g. aluminum alloys), whereby the specific weight is lower than that of metals. High temperature glass fibre are permanently temperature-resistant up to 1200°C and resistant to most chemicals and weathering. 

On request we can offer you all other dimensions between 0.1mm and 500mm.
The articles listed here are only examples of some dimensions.

Article number      Diameter             Weight KG/100m
7598                       3                           0,43

Article number Diameter Weight KG/100m
7598 3 0,43
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