This is how braiding works

Since we get asked the question in phone calls and at trade shows frequently , because actually functioned as lichens, we have you created a little video . Unfortunately we could not live demonstrations at the JEC , what we want to catch up with this. Of course there are other Flechtarten with which one can produce tubes , tapes and cords. However, this would go beyond the scope and would be visually not nearly as attractive represented.

In a subsequent video , you ‚ll now see the braiding machine in use . Equipped with this is 9 coils on each of which a 1K carbon thread is . Certainly not ordinary. Of course, we had our fun in the braiding and tested various materials. So we can say that not only can handle normal embroidery threads with Lego, no, aramid , glass and Innegra can be considerable results erziehlen .

This wonderful LEGO Technic model was developed and built by

the kindly manner at very short notice could make this machine available.

A big thank you for the support, the countless hours of work are stuck at this point in this project and the easy help . As already mentioned, unfortunately it was not possible for us this little technical marvel at the JEC show off – We would like to apologize to Nico . We would have liked to show the machine , but unfortunately had to due to the large crowds , the short time involved and , not least, refrain from safety consideration.

For more information about the operation of this machine and a illustrated instructions along with parts list can be found on Nico71′ or via the adjacent QR code.



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