Hybride Braided Sleeves

Hybride is defined as „something bundled, crossed, or mixed“. In braiding technology terms we speak here of sleeves or tapes, produced from no less than 2 different materials, i.e. carbon and aramid. Materials ratio can vary depending on the equipment used. Hybrides‘ ratio can be as much as   10:90.

Due to the possibility to determine different combination of materials there is no limit for creativity – positive properties of certain fasers can be combined with use of different methods.

Diameter or width of the product, braided of hybride faserm can be changed by means of the stretching and/or compressing with ideal angle being between  30° and 60°.  For high torsional and bending stiffness 45° is an optimal angle. Additionally there is a possibility to weave so called UD-threads (Fibre in  0° direction) to increase the strength of the components of the fibre. Hybrides can be used for production of varied profiles as hollow structures. Use of appropriate application method guarantees that force-absorbing fibre of the sleeve  is air bubble-free, flat and seamless – no loss of strength – around the edge of the form giving corn and is with resin system impregnated.

Braiding samples:

Type A: In this type of a sleeve goes each fibre separately and transverse to longitudinal axis of the sleeve.

Type B: Here different types of fibres go parallel to the longitudinal axis of the sleeve.

Type C: Each fibre goes separately in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the sleeve.

Type K: Each fibre goes separately but transverse to the longitudinal axis of the sleeve.

Type W: Each fibre goes separately spiral in the longitudinal axis of the sleeve .

Type UD: Braided sleeve in +/- 45° angle with additional UD-threads in 0° direction.