Aramid cords

Aramid braided cordAramid belongs to the latest group of chemical fibres. Its special capabilities are a highstrength, a high E-modulus, a low density as well as a good acceptance to work. That’s why Aramid is excellent to use in different fields of industry, as already used in fibre compound materials of high demanded parts of aviation and astronautics, for vehicle-,electric- and sport article-industry, and last but not least for ballistic protection.


General Characteristics:

  • low weight
  • very high tensile strength
  • excellent impact resistance to repeated loading
  • good fatigue resistance
  • good vibration damping properties
  • Resistance to crack propagation
  • low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage
  • the most important characteristics at room temperature are substantially maintained, even if the material temperatures from – 70 ° C to + 180 ° C for
  • flame-resistant, self-extinguishing, does not melt
  • low smoke
  • excellent chemical resistance to most fuels – lubricants, detergents and salt water
  • corrosion-resistant
  • excellent electrical properties, very low conductivity and low dielectric constantsuitable to tissues for conventional textile processing



no. of article                            diameter    weight  kg/100m 
4930,8 mm0,037
5211 mm0,077
6011,5 mm0,13
7442 mm0,243
8273 mm0,622
9134 mm0,679
10176 mm1,709
11528 mm3,59