Seal Cords

Glass fibre sleeving containing glass staple fibers

Seal cords, or Roving, are traditionally made of glass fibre, but can also be braided of aramid, carbon or a combination of materials (so called hybrids).  As filling for rovings can be used stapel fibre rovings available in a  wide range. Due to varying filling amount and the rovings themselves it is possible to effect the stiffness of the seal cord depending on the required area of application  (i.e., as seal, corner strengthening in composite area, …).


Article numberDiameter Article numberDiameter Article numberDiameter Article numberDiameter
7552 mm10426 mm473315 mm519535 mm
8263 mm11918 mm496320 mm523340 mm
9154 mm163410 mm505325 mm538745 mm
9755 mm462212 mm514730 mm540050 mm